TMI, Mom!

Let me preface this post with identifying myself as a certified OWL teacher. What’s OWL, you might ask? OWL is the acronym for Our Whole Lives, the Unitarian Universalist version of sex ed. That’s really a gross over-simplification; what makes OWL unique is its focus on intimacy, respect, and introspection, with a distinct lack of […]

The V-Word

Growing up in a neighborhood that was dominated by the Southern Baptist church at its center, I was hell-bent on fitting in. Yes, bad pun intended. Seriously, though, I desperately wanted to fit in, and my family didn’t go to church, especially not the Southern Baptist kind. I was confirmed in a liberal United Methodist […]

I Went to Church for Childcare

When my now six year old son, Thing One, was born, at Waldo County Hospital in Belfast, I didn’t know many adults in town. My first year in Belfast, I worked at the Game Loft, an after-school program that utilizes non-electronic games (including role playing games). It’s particularly appealing to youth on the spectrum and […]

The First Confession

I live in Belfast, Maine, and I don’t shop at the Belfast Co-op. This is absolute sacrilege in this town – or it is in the other four wards. And I have dear friends who live in the other four wards who shop there almost exclusively. This not a blog post that intends to criticize […]